Antarctica Humidity

... the average values of absolute humidities at Vanda were calculated to be about (1.5e-3 to 2.6e-3 kg/m3 in summer, and about 0.14e-3 to 0.22e-3 kg/m3 in winter. Vanda Station is at 77.5 degrees south, on the coast near New Zealand, not the the ultra-dry interior.

Vostok Station at 3488 m, 78°27' S 106°52' E is higher, colder, and drier.





623.1 mb

-65.0 C

0.01 mb


638.6 mb

-30.9 C

0.37 mb

1 mb (millibar) is 100 Pascals, or about 10.2 kg/m3 of water.

The Sahara desert is about 1e-3 kg/m3 (8mm or 8 kg/m3 of water).

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