Astrobiology - A Brief Introduction

Kevin Plaxco, Michael Gross; Multco Central 576.839 P721A 2011

I was looking for information about the stabilization of RNA by borate minerals on Mars, referred to by Peter Ward in one of his books (attributed to Joe Kirschvink, IIRC). Skimmed, not read cover-to-cover.

Page 94 mentions a paper by Steven Benner at U. Florida suggesting calcium borate (borax and colemanite):

The "information first" process starts with the sculpting and replication of molecules, evolving through RNA to DNA. The "metabolism first" process, which seems more plausible to me, starts with autocatalytic collections of molecules in naturally occuring compartments (like serpentine rock or lipid bubbles).

Astrobiology - A Very Short Introduction

David C. Catling, Multco Central 576.839 C365a 2013

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