Benjamin Franklin Wants You!!!

Yes, this website is crude and unfinished. The worse it is, the more likely it is you can significantly improve it.

Here is a quote from a letter to Peter Collinson from my personal hero, Benjamin Franklin:


These thoughts, my dear friend, are many of them crude and hasty; and if I were merely ambitious of acquiring some reputation in philosophy, I ought to keep them by me, till corrected and improved by time and farther experience. But since even short hints and imperfect experiments in any new branch of science, being communicated, have often-times a good effect, in exciting the attention of the ingenious to the subject, and so become the occasion of more exact disquisition, and more compleat discoveries. You are at liberty to communicate this paper to whom you please; it being of more importance that knowledge should increase, than that your friend should be thought an accurate philosopher.

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