Testing Server Sky on/near ISS

Testing the first thinsat prototype for maneuvering capability will be difficult. Thinsats are gossamer, and the light sail maneuvering forces small - we can test them with sensitive eddy current levitation balances on earth, but resonances, turn rates, and micromaneuvering will be difficult to prove conclusively in a 1 gee gravity field.

ISS orbit

ISS has (as of 2013 May 15) an average altitude of around 415km. Assume that is added to 6371km for a radius of 6786 km and an orbital speed of 7706.6 m/s . The orbit drops 2km/month, or 0.76 mm/sec, or 2.8 m/hr, and corresponds to a deceleration of 4.3E-7 m/s2. That is a shift (relative to an unperturbed orbit) of 2.8 meters/hr2 (weird coincidence).


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