The Islamic Enlightenment

The Struggle Between Faith and Reason, 1978 to Modern Times

Christopher de Bellaigue, Beaverton Lib 909.0976

A history of big events and mass movements in the "Muslim world", beginning with Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and proceeding through Europe's economic colonization of weak, corrupt, and stagnant regions ruled by thugs.

I did not read the whole book. It is mostly about "Important People" and mass movements; I'm more interested in the experiences of the individuals trying to cope with change imposed from above and outside. What tools can we give individual Muslims to optimize their own lives and communities, rather than building mass movements that reduce individuals to tax cows and cannon fodder?

Islam has a strong element of "ummah", pan-Islam connection, as opposed to racism, regionalism and nationalism. Can server sky facilitate ummah without mullahs and dictators and violent sectarianism? Can we create channels between all muslims (and the rest of humanity) that are like a haj (journey to Mecca) every day? Can we design systems that foster connectivity rather than violent schism? I hope some smart muslim technologists have some ideas to share with us.

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