Natural Born Cyborgs

Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence

Andy Clark, Beav 202.4834 CLA 2003, Oxford University Press

Clark's principal thesis is that human beings are not merely tool-using but mind+tool merging - we co-adapt to the tools we make to co-adapt with. We have been "cyborgs" since we picked up the first stick to extend our reach, or the spoke the first words to project our minds into others.

Tools, text, and timekeeping redefine the boundaries of our plastic brains and selves. Many powerful ideas and stirring phrases.

Brainfart Imagine a trained language of electric stimulus and movement - a human operator and a human remote. Propiocetion-like sensors on the operator, tingle stimulators on the remote. Predictive-adaptive to copensate for "double delay". This could be used for amusement, emergency first responder, training. Also, tingling to distract from muscle pain associated with exercise. For L.Bell?

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