Revolutions That Made the Earth

Tim Linton and Andrew Watson, Oxford University Press, Multco 550 L574r 2011

Like Melanie Lenart's Life In the Hothouse, this book posits a biosphere shaped by life.

Like Rare Earth, this book suggests life


Endpapers: 8 stages of evolution

Ch 8 - Photosynthesis

Ch 9 - The trial of the oxygen poisoners

My take - the earth formed 4.56 Gya, complex anerobic organisms formed over 0.8 Gy, oxygen photosynthesis needed 1.5 Gy to develop - once. Humans evolved only 0.1 Gy before it will become too hot to do so. Perhaps a G3 or colder star might last longer than our G2, and a planet at Venus's position would offer a wider window for the production of us.

Ch 21 - Where Next?

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