Really Wild Stuff

Really Wild Stuff (Rws) are ideas that may happen long after the large scale deployment of Server Sky. I write about them because they are fun to think about. I justify writing about them because what we do now creates path dependencies that constrain what we can do in the far future.

Some ideas may already be implemented "out there" by "them". Those implementations may be observable with the optics and sensors we already have, if we know what to look for, and how.

Although I fondly remember the science fiction stories of my youth, I fear that the familiar assumptions informing those penny-a-word fiction stories can blind us to the enormously wider range of options that a science fiction magazine editor might reject, but the physical universe permits, and "they" may have already implemented at VAST scale.

So, stretch your mind with me. And when I make a silly mistake, please utter the phrase that paid for my house and retirement:

"THAT won't work, but THIS will!"

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