Short Abstract for Server Sky talk by Keith Lofstrom

Server-Sky: Solar powered server and communication arrays in Earth orbit

Server sky is a proposal to build large dispersed arrays of 3 gram paper-thin solar-powered computer satellites and launch them into 6400km earth orbit. Arrays act as large parallel computers, as well as sparse phased array antennas, transmitting thousands of communication beams simultaneously to ground receivers and other arrays in space.

Thinsat arrays use unlimited space solar power, and operate outside the biosphere. The environmental impact of power generation and heat disposal is tiny. Other surprising biological effects will need study. Earth can return to what it is good at – green and growing things – while space can be filled with gray and computing things.

Keith Lofstrom ( is a mixed-signal integrated circuit designer in Beaverton, Oregon. He is CEO of SiidTech, which licenses silicon identification technology. He is active in the open source community, and has a special interest in low power, high efficiency computing.

Keith has written for Kluwer Press, various IEEE journals, SysAdmin magazine, Liberty magazine, aerospace journals, and Analog.

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