Women Empowered

Inspiring Change in the Emerging World

Phil Borges, CARE/Rizzoli, Multco 305.409 B723w 2007

A picture book with captions about women and girls in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Ghana, Guatemala ... and Montana. Some might see people in terrible conditions, others might see women lifting themselves out of those conditions. I see the mothers and teachers of future scientists and engineers, who will help us restore and expand life into the universe.

Obligatory server sky application: Page 22, Abay (28yo now 37yo?) of Awash Fontale, Ethiopia. Before age 12, she refused to be circumsized, and ran away to live with a sympathetic godfather. She returned years later, to build a well, a health clinic, and a school for her village. She filmed a girl's circumcision ceremony, and showed it to the male elders, who were horrified, and voted to end the barbaric practice. Now, imagine that expanded by the talents of women worldwide, collaborating over a global network, the results digitally customized for every village still doing circumcision, and saving a hundred million girls and women from mutilation.

While the physical pain and the callousness should be eradicated, I see this as part of the bigger picture of expanding the capabilities of the poor and women everywhere. Think of all the great ideas and tools we would have if we increased global intellectual talent by a factor of 10. Women and the poor are mostly absent today, and we are all poorer for that.

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