jsMath itself is working, see:





MorejsMathTestStuff, see http://wiki.themel.com/PublicTestPage

Here are some math equations. Some inline math: \sqrt{1-x^2} or \(ax^2+bx+c\), and some displayed math:

\int {1\over x}\,dx = \ln(x)+C


\sum_{i=1}^n i = {n(n+1)\over 2}.

Note that some markers do not work, and some do. You can see the original text and copy what works by looking at this page with More Actions / Raw Text in the moinmoin control panel.

Installation notes:

jsMath (javascript Math) uses TeX markup and delivers fonts and positioning via javascript. This means that no client-side fonts or interpretation is needed, such as with MathML. See http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/jsMath/ .

jsMath is wrapped in jsMathParser by Thomas Themel, which is a moinmoin plugin installed in the plugin directory ...wikipath.../moin/data/plugin/parser/ . This file contains a pointer to a sorta-unique instance of jsMath .

Javascript is finicky for security reasons, and will only run .js files from the same URL as the page was launched from. www.server-sky.com and server-sky.com are considered two different URLs, so you can't use ServerAlias in your apache /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file; instead, you must use redirects (in this case, www.server-sky.com/ and moin.server-sky.com/ both have their own short <Virtual> blocks which redirect to the server-sky.com/ <Virtual> block. Before pages are rendered, they are redirected to this one common name.

The security restriction also means that each wiki or URL needs its own version of jsMath. jsMath contains a configuration file .../easy/load.js (which I put in ...wikipath/jsmathdir/easy/load.js) that has a reference to the URL of the jsMath root directory. In this case:

That gets its own redirect clause in httpd.conf, so that the apache server can find the jsmath files. A complete copy of the entire jsMath (including the font files) are stored in ...wikipath.../jsmathdir/ . All very complicated and redundant. The server storage can be reduced by creating symbolic links from all the directories and files in jsmathdir to the common /opt/jsMath, except for ...wikipath.../jsmathdir/easy/load.js , which must be unique per wiki instance . This facilitates upgrading jsMath.h

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